The Climate Buddha

Hello, I am D. Matthew Chute (ChuteChi) a Mahayana Buddhist who is a golf pro, entrepreneur, and climate change expert who has been watching the climate issue since I studied weather in college. I also deep practiced and taught Qi Gong and created a golfing religion called “ChuteChi” based upon religious and scientific knowledge applied to the game of golf. The teachings work for almost every achievement process and act like cross training for other higher accomplishments. My invention, the Universal Alignment Golf ball, awaits investment and I have other vertical market golf products to bring to market but I am known for—a project to protect the globe from the pain of climate ignorance. I have a solution to the Climate Change predicament from the application of a philosophical concept I have coined called: Universal Alignment. I created, and believe in, #instantradicalchange and hold out hope that the best of humanity awaits its fullest expression. We can change for the benefit all living beings. Everyone has an opportunity to do something Universally Aligned but, unfortunately there is no time left to reverse the damage. The main stream media climate information simply is not keeping up with the pace of exponential change. So, a livable climate for humanity, plus all of the rest of the biosphere, is in serious trouble. This is a very challenging math and science based problem. Something that requires familiarity with physics, thermodynamics, statistics, and host of other full time jobs for very smart scientists. They are saying that we have passed all the meaningful “tipping points” and have triggered self reinforcing feedback loops so change is accelerating. Understanding this evidence leads to conclusions of an uncontrollable rapid exponential change underway and, with a quick look out the window, we can watch it happen right now. So, I am here to be a scientific communicator offering you honest, truthful, and Universally Aligned information. Universally Aligned actions are based upon the caring for of all living beings, this is the process by which we will overcome a obstacles. But, realistically, we are facing the loss of civilization’s support and the end of our lifespan in less than a decade and maybe in a few years or less. This is a tragic result from what humanity mindlessly does. But, the Enlightened practice for a good, positive, and meaningful end-of-life experience and I will not let you down. Count on the Climate Buddha to save it all.

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