Chutechi-The Religion

A Religion Called ChuteChi

What would a religion be like if it didn’t use the same model of other religions? What if ChuteChi was not an Authoritarian Intellectual religious model but a democratic system confined by principles agreed upon as a matter of choice?

#Distributepower is about the basic idea that concentrations of power have failed to protect us from Climate Change. Our big religions did nothing to protect us because of their structure. Nobody, no-system did actually. All of our systems are about our dysfunctional family’s where power is uneven and dictatorial behavior is normalized so we go to work with one boss who runs everything without your input, we vote for Suits and Skirts who run everything without your input and we go to the Doctor not expecting your input to matter.

Instructions on how to do the practices of any religion have been the “product” they offer/sell. Usually, the quality of those instructions, like golf instruction, is based upon the expertise of the teacher. Soon members noticed that teachings coming from accomplished members was reliable and worth emulating. Soon students wrote down these teachings and that became a book of value. But, now; we have the internet with every possible question pretty much answered so someone with a good memory can teach just about anything without being able to do any of it. Where does that leave religious teachings?

What are the best ways to open a chakra? Anyone in the spiritual, religious, and human potentials movement will run into the international development of human inner energy systems, chi, qi …. its the Chi in Chi Gong…this one skill set had many religious traditions structure for its mastery. This service to the community was the much valued after effect of chi practice, of making people very good at touch healing and other very valuable healing skills. So Asian societies held the institutions that developed these skills in highest esteem. Today we have Western colleges teaching Qi Gong healing and there are a million or more places to visit on the WWW about this topic so someone wanting to pursue this path can do so without any membership anywhere…just a www connection.¬†Using Wiki technology all of the teachings can be a process of perfection as any other activity.

One of the the “products” of The ChuteChi Religion are teachings presented through experiential movement, mudra and position and they will be known by anyone soon enough.¬†The skills of meditation developed to their maximum potential awaits and the idea is to get you there as soon as possible but one of the most important parts of getting there is being with other like minded members on a similar quest.

The philosophical model of our behavior and life are known. Relationships have been figured out. The information to fix everything in your life, everything in politics, everything in the environment exists. Evidence is, that lasting personality change, implemented by anyone working on that and only that, is poor at best, and Abrupt Climate Change has made all environmental issues moot. So, maybe we need to accept ourselves as we are and celebrate our differences. Perhaps we can be kind to those of us not perfected yet.

What we do know about social science is that guns and weapons in general, are not produced to look at. No evidence exisits stating that more weapons make everything safer forever. Maybe for some ‘sweet spot’ of weapons exists where they are creating pease, but for how long? Although the existance of nukes…the weapon produced to be never used (?) appear to have a deterent value, they can be used, in fact the threat of it being used is on the daily news and everyone can see that this to, is an issue of time.

The soltion to the gun and war problem is that the offenders, owners, and other war making mechanisims have no way to absolve themselves of their crime. Like coming the confessional, give ChuteChi your guns. ChuteChi is the religion of weapon surrender so you can write it off. Make offerings to Humanity by offering your weapons for the benefit of all living beings. ChuteChi your guns.

Step one is the surrender of all goverenmental weapons from all the agency’s who have them. From DHS, to ATF to every other armed governmental entity. Show us the way to pease by offering your weapons through ChuteChi. Chutechi knows what to do with the weapons and it will keep us safer as a result. Next all military weapons are to be surrendered to Chutechi. Then the weapons of all country’s.

What if Chutechi was also a religious political system similar to every main stream religions’ secondary task: “Keeping self tax free and in the good graces of the power structures of the day.” but Chutechi’s work is in the context of abrupt climate change and the time frames for that.

The problem with life is that it ends but the problem with Climate Change is that everything ends on its time scale not yours. We have little time to prepare emotionally for the upcoming upheavals of weather and leadership. The collapse of civilization is all but certain at some point. The use of the millions of gun during Universal Alignment will kill untold millions if a solution is not offered quickly. #instantradicalchange says now is a good time. Chutechi your weapons for the best Universal Alignment possible.

Could the religion Chutechi have sacraments? Today cannabis is overwhelmingly the biggest health care, criminal justice, and social freedom issue ever. Why is it that way? We are seeing in our informational community that usage and safety as being a net social benefit…what is going on?

What would a real social service organization be like if it had enough money, staff and expertise to really help those who need it? What if social science was used to help? What if the entire idea of not helping others ended? What if a religion was designed as helping system first?

So here we have ChuteChi the religion. The Religion of Weapon surrender.

D. Matthew Chute