The ChuteChi Project

Welcome to the latest attempt at self promotion.

I’m D. Matthew Chute, “ChuteChi” Don’t #chuteme…and it is an idea to bring together factions of society through the application of the Universal Alignments. In the mean time I am teaching Disc Golf and Ball Golf and busy aligning Qi Gong Classes for my Hyper Local project. I also marketĀ  super rare collectable automotive treasures, sell advertising, art and am working to bridge the gap in knowledge neceessary to understand Abrupt Climate Change.

ChuteChi is a process. Here’s a nemonic that naturally arose: C: Cultivating H: Higher U: Universal Alignment T: Thoughts E: Energy C: Creativity H: Health I: Interdependance. ChuteChi is a brand for some really cool logo’s swag too. When you display ChuteChi you are blessing all that see you because I am qualifited to bless you having been a full time residence at a Buddhist Center (amoung other Competitively Enlightened processes on my Buddha resume).

I have a facebook pages Instant Radical Change #instantradicalchange, and The Climate Buddha, plus my ChuteChi Golf Disc Golf Page, and Universal Alignment amoung others. I have invented a left and right handed golf ball that awaits further investment plus other vertically oriented golf and marketing products.

So what is the best cross training system for golf, disc golf and a host of other fine motor skill sports? Putting isn’t about “gross power” its about “subtle power” that requires deep relaxation and a super sharpe mind. So ChuteChi became the brand name of this type Qi Gong based golf cross training. Although there are now others with this kind of advice, it can be said, that I am a very early adopter having the ChuteChi Concept of Qi Gong Tai Chi Cross Training for Golf on line decades ago. I am a high repetition practicer, golf pro, inline skater, Qi Gong instructor, with a long list of other coaching and athletic endevours.

My song Universal Alignment was co-written by Vicky Peterson a co-competitor on the Fore Inventors Only Golf Chanel TV Show, where in 2006 I was a featured competitor.

It is my hope that this page will hold up to the needs of ChuteChi until someone takes over my online responisbilities.

Call me at 727-460-7282

Matthew Chute