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“Chutechi” is the role I am accustomed to starring in(!) when working on my Podcast, “The Climate Buddha” and while teaching Qi Gong, Buddhism, or Golf. I’m also Chutechi and Drum Rockets while playing drums.

ChuteChi is a mnemonic: Creating Higher Universally-aligned Thoughts Energy Creativity Health Interdependence-so its also a mantra. It is a manifestation of a Competitively Enlightened Buddha with the goal of benefiting all living beings. It is about Pique Performance and maximizing your potential in activity based systems. It is about compassion and doing what is the most right. It is about being super with every human potential developed for the task(s) at hand all generated to be of service to as many as possible.

We have a terrible situation with the Climate. I am here to say that it will get bad for all of us, and it will happen much sooner that publicly advertised. This is my calling in life. I am here to talk to you about the Climate as the Climate Buddha.

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There will be no easy choices once everyone sees the damage to our precious consistent weather patterns from direct personal experience. #universalalignment is when everyone see’s our collective plight. We will all be “one” in Universal Alignment. Then we will implement “The Universal Alignments” and hopefully fight for the survival of all living beings all the way to the end while taking full responsibility for the damage Humanity has done and rectifying it as fairly as possible.

Success can be about #competitiveenlightenment and seeing that “winning” is not the goal but a mechanism to help understanding the game. How do we win in the face of the devastation that is already here and on its way? How does a man win the the battle against the limits of lifespan? How do we win against the disappearance of an environment suitable for life?

I am a multiyear trained weather observer with a Bachelor’s of Science degree at Mass Maritime Academy. There has not been a year where I have not kept up with the Climate issue. Carl Sagan was my hero and he knew what we are all seeing now. He knew it would happen and I listened to him. Since then, I have continuously updated my data, sot out the best resources for information, and watched in amazement as the information war ravaged the chances of meaningful change as I looked out my window and saw that something was different outside. I ran a small advertising agency and am skilled in information, media and creative thought and realized that I was uniquely suited to solve the climate crisis and this is the page from which it all arises.

The graphic is about #instantradicalchange and the idea that the world’s power centers are access-able and need to hear the message of the Climate Buddha. It is time to implement Universally Aligned systems of direct democratic control through #distributepower grids capable of handling the upcoming time of #Universalalignment with all the attendant problems with weather disruption.

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